Community Reinvestment Performance


Deepak Bhargava, Legislative Director, The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)

"An invaluable resource for community advocates, lenders, and regulators alike.  It clearly dispels harmful myths about community reinvestment, and points the way toward better enforcement of and compliance with CRA."

Orin S. Kramer, Esq., Investment Advisor and Banking Consultant to the Clinton Administration; Former Associate Director of the Domestic Policy Staff of the White House in the Carter Administration

"Ken Thomas has set the standard against which future studies of CRAs will be measured.  The book is by far the best guide available for financial institutions seeking to improve their CRA performance."

Dan R. Moore, Chairman of the Board for Matewan National Bank

"The author is one of the country's leading experts in the subject of CRA.  This reference book is the exact guide that bankers, regulators and community groups need to succeed at CRA performance."

Donald A. Mullane, Executive Vice President of the Bank of America

"This book differentiates fact from fiction.  It documents how CRA programs, that are well managed, will serve the needs of the community and can be accomplished in a cost effective manner.  While eliminating myths about CRA, this book proves what the 'smartest banker' already knows - CRA lending makes good business sense and provides significant opportunities to enhance your bank's image."

William Proxmire, Former Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and "Father of the CRA"

"Dr. Thomas' book, Community Reinvestment Performance, is far and away the best analysis of government regulation that I have seen in any field.  He spotlights the regulatory problems that continue in CRA and points out precisely how they are being overcome.  CRA will benefit enormously from this superlative examination and report."

Warren W. Traiger, Esq., nationally recognized CRA legal expert and author

"Community Reinvestment Performance provides the only thorough survey and analysis of Community Reinvestment Act ratings since the advent of public disclosure.  Through its careful study of the examination process and resulting recommendations for change.  Mr. Thomas' work promises to help bring objectivity to the subjective world of CRA compliance.  It is an indispensable resource for coping with CRA enforcement in the '90s.

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